China’s Art Missionary available at Sheffield Doc/Fest Videotheque

The short film, China’s Art Missionary, has been selected for the Sheffield Doc/Fest Videotheque, accessible to industry delegates throughout the period of the festival and 90 days after. Sheffield Documentary Festival is UK’s biggest documentary festival and the third largest in the world.




Leading Patrons of Asian Art

Dear friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of Leading Patrons of Asian Art series of publications and films, a project I have been fully immersed in for the past 3 years.

Uli Sigg will be the first protagonist of the series. Universally known as the patron who amassed one of the most comprehensive collections of Chinese contemporary art in the world, Sigg made headlines when he donated more than 60% of his collection, valued at USD 163million to the M+ museum of visual culture in Hong Kong in June 2012.

Presented with the Hong Kong Arts Centre, the event will debut the publication, Uli Sigg: In Conversation with Patricia Chen, with the screening of China’s Art Missionary, an excerpt of a documentary film in progress. Uli Sigg will also be present for a session of Q & A.

For those who are in or will be heading to Hong Kong, do come and join us!
Admission is free and ticket registration is now available on a first come first served basis.

For more information on the project, do visit

Patricia Chen
Author and Filmmaker

Shoot of Dr. Oei in Magelang completes

What a week ! The most memorable parts for me were not only the wacky moments with Dr. Oei and the artists, but the way I was very openly let into his universe as we chat about both enjoyable and difficult topics. The individuals I have specifically requested to speak to on my wish list all turned up — 2 groups flew in while others travelled from neighbouring cities. What was unexpected for me was the depth, honesty and the candour of some of the conversations I have had with his successors, closest friends and artists. I felt I was let in into the circle of trust as I probed, especially on difficult topics. Sweltering heat, stuffy film sets, punishing schedules and endless interviews took its toll midway, but on the last day, a visit by a curatorial team from Europe, organised by Mondriaan Fonds visited the museum, refreshed me. Their curiosity of Asian art reminded me what prompted me to embark on this very ambitious project on my own in the first place. I look forward to telling the story.

Dr. Oei in one of the interview segments, sitting in front of a magnificent painting by Hendra Gunawan, one of the leading modern artists of Indonesia. Copyright © 2012 Patricia Chen. All rights reserved.

OHD poses for a ending shot with crew and Pat. Copyright © 2012 Patricia Chen. All rights reserved.



Copyright © 2012, Patricia Chen

Leading Collector of Chinese Art, Uli Sigg, reflects on the 3-day shoot in Mauensee, Switzerland, June 2012.

Note : As the Producer, I have made no attempt whatsoever to direct or edit these reflections. They were done in a single take with no preparation in advance. This is because i would like the audience and readers to have as direct an experience as possible with the subjects, just as i have experienced them during the shoot – complete with their unique personalities, quirkiness and idiosyncrasies. The role that i play is not that of a content filter but merely of a platform creator, content facilitator and aggregator, so their stories and personalities can shine with as little intervention as possible.

Shoot in Mauensee completes

Filming of Uli Sigg and his collection at Mauensee, Switzerland completes. It has been an intense week of shoot in Mauensee and at Art Basel – many many unforgettable moments at the 600 year-old castle with Uli and Rita and the many great Chinese masterpieces that will eventually end up at M+ museum. I now look forward to working with the text and will start to work on the next round of shoot in Indonesia!

Film Crew with Rita and Uli Sigg. Copyright © 2012 Patricia Chen. All rights reserved.

One of many briefing sessions. Copyright © 2012 Patricia Chen. All rights reserved.