Copyright © 2014 Patricia Chen

Copyright © 2014 Patricia Chen

I spent a day in Jakarta on May 8 with my camera and sound crew waiting to film the highly controversial book launch cum exhibition for my second film. Organised by the newly set-up PPSI, the people behind the scandal that broke out on the OHD collection, the event, JEJAK LUKISAN PALSU (roughly translates as TRAILING INDONESIAN FAKE PAINTING) was held at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, in conjunction with the launch of a publication of the same title.
The 13 hour shoot was illuminating. It was not only about recording the exhibition, which lasted merely several hours, as about understanding how the Indonesian art world operates. Hope to be able to portray the dynamics in the film. Here are some quick facts :
1. All the artworks on exhibit,  alleged to be fake and genuine works, were reproductions.
2. Most of the illustrations of fake works came from a single collection : the OHD collection.
I left with many burning questions waiting to be answered. I am looking forward to reading the publication and catching up with the people behind this effort. 

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